American Camouflage lifting Belt




  • 【Overlapping Double-closure System】It securely fits your abdominal area while offering perfect fit. Overlapping double closure system can be adjusted tightly according to your liking while you opt for Bodybuilding, weightlifting, powerlifting, strongman competition, strength training, functional training, Deadlifts, squats and more.
  • 【Extra Wide 5.5 inch Design】This powerlifting belt is 5.5inch wide to provide improved abdominal support. The architecture follows the natural curves of your back and abdominal area, for a close, comfortable fit that compresses the abdomen effectively without the strain, pain and fatigue typically associated with weight lifting and strength training.
  • 【Neoprene Construction Material】The lifting belt is contrived with a flexible and durable neoprene material used in making while providing durability and long life strength. It’s also renowned for batter-resistant durability. Moreover the material makes it pliable and water-resistant
  • 【Sweat Wicking】This strength training belt features wicks that absorb sweat and sweat away from the body, to keep the area dry and comfortable.
  • 【EVA Sheet and Neoprene Padding】The weightlifting belt is backed with EVA sheet and neoprene padding that provides comfort and sturdy cushioning for support. The padding protection is exclusively manufactured for real tough workout.


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